End of Winter Fashion

February 09, 2021


If you're a southern girl like me , you're still waking up each morning  to an icy breeze and dreary gray skies. Ughhhh ! Let's just say , days like this make me dread getting out of bed, although I do look forward to my morning cup of green tea. Sucky weather doesn't have to take a toll on your outfit. My favorite way to brighten up my look as January ends and I slowly creep into February is to add a pop of color. My outfit is pretty monochromatic, but I added fun layers and colors to bring a little interest into the look and to give me the boost I need. I hate the cold, but I so love the options for outfits! Do you like this look? It can be yours! Head on over to www.demelatrece.com and shop my new  arrivals to put together your prefect end of winter look, and remember to turn heads every step of the way, doll. As a woman that wears many different hats , we make plenty of sacrifices , but NEVER sacrifice fashion ! 



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